Reputation Management and Digital Marketing Synergy in Healthcare

Reputation Management and Digital Marketing Synergy in Healthcare

Reputation Management does not rely on your ability, it depends on your performance in response to people’s expectations.” 

In this digital era, reputation management and digital marketing go side by side for healthcare businesses. About 70% patients consider online feedback and reviews before taking healthcare decisions so you must monitor and respond to online reviews effectively.  

Moreover, people leave reviews on search engines and many social platforms, so healthcare businesses must be aware of them, manage their reputation, and avoid common problems such as;

  • Lack of adequate staffing.
  • Unable to respond to feedback in an effective and timely manner.
  • Sharing updates on review sites without an effective marketing strategy.
  • Responding reviews in anger or frustration.

Let’s move ahead and explore more how you can manage your reputation management and make your healthcare business successful in this competitive landscape!

Reasons of Importance of Reputation Management in Healthcare 

The importance of reputation management in healthcare include the following facts;

  • 45% of patients googled reviews of desired doctors to find out whether to choose them or not.
  • 97% of entrepreneurs claim reputation management is crucial for the success of healthcare businesses.
  • 70% of people don’t choose the firm that has 4 or more negative reviews.

How to make these things better?

  • Build trust relationships with your patients and demonstrate them about the reliability and effective delivery aspects of your reputable healthcare business.
  • Set up google alerts/RepuGen for your healthcare business’s related keywords, monitor every social media platform (Facebook, Yelp, etc.), and stay on top of online reviews/feedback.
  • Monitor online feedback, gather valuable insights, identify areas of improvements, and improve patient experience. 
  • Positive reviews improve search engine rankings so implement effective marketing tactics and ensure to attract more positive reviews from your patients. 
  • Negative reviews damage your healthcare business’s reputation. So respond to these reviews professionally and demonstrate your commitment to address patient concerns effectively.

How Do You Manage Your Online Reputation?

You can manage your online reputation by:

  1. Generating Reviews

The number of reviews act as a social proof, letting people trust your healthcare business. They create a clear image of what patients think about your healthcare services. Although you cannot control what people say about your business, you can control whether you should ask patients to leave feedback/comment.

According to recent research, 12% of people said they leave a comment if it is prompted by a company. For this, Birdeye, BrightLocal, and management tools help you request reviews from patients regularly. You can turn these reviews into text messages, email newsletters, etc. to attract more patients. 

  1. Monitoring Reviews

Carefully monitor the reviews on Yelp, Google, Healthgrades, social media channels, etc. If the reviews are positive, make your services even more impactful. If negative, find out the areas for improvement, take action, and create a powerful online reputation. 

  1. Responding to Reviews

If you respond to positive/negative reviews professionally, it will highlight your character, resolve conflict, and build trust. According to research, if managers respond to comments regularly, people avoid leaving a negative review or uncomfortable interaction. So;

  • Make guidelines and follow them while responding to online reviews.
  • Never disclose patients’ information while responding to their comments.
  1. Turning Feedback into Testimonials

You can turn reviews into your marketing material and use them in such a way that;

  • Post patient quotes on your social platforms.
  • Create a review section on your site’s homepage.
  • Film video testimonials, showcasing the patients’ full story.

This tactic will encourage other people to share their stories, generating more positive reviews and creating a positive impression on other patients.

  1. Managing an Active Presence on Social Media Platforms

In this digital era, you must remain active on social channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) to engage with existing and prospective patients. It will improve your online reputation and make your healthcare practices trustworthy. For this;

  • Post relevant updates, articles, and news on social channels.
  • Share informational content.
  • Create a content management system, highlighting the topics and content types you want to share.
  • Post patients’ success stories with their consents. It will highlight your services quality and exceptional care you provide to your patients.  
  • Showcase your staff’s awards, certifications, accomplishments, etc. and celebrate anniversaries and milestones to make your business trustworthy and competitive.

How to Build an Effective Organizational System Within a Healthcare Center?

To build an impactful organizational system within a hospital, you must ensure your brand services resonate with medical staff and patients. It will help you promote exceptional patient care and get positive reviews. For this;

  • Offer workshops and training sessions to your medical staff. Educate them about the importance of positive reviews, reputation management, and strong digital presence. Moreover, give them articles, best guidelines, and other resources, allowing them to understand things more effectively. 
  • Set up a platform such as newsletter/internal blogs and encourage your medical staff to share their perspectives and positive experience. It will make your online image better.
  • Provide remarkable patient care and always try to make the patient’s experience better. Set up surveys, follow-up calls, feedback forms, etc., collect feedback, and figure out the areas for improvement.

The Verdict

Reputation management strategies help your healthcare businesses thrive in the competitive landscape and make your digital presence powerful. The implementation of these tactics let you improve patient care, get more positive reviews, and make your business successful

So, why wait? Manage your online reputation, make your business trustworthy among others, improve search rankings, and take your firm to greater heights!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Reputation Management in Digital Marketing?

In digital marketing, reputation management refers to the strategies used for monitoring and maintaining a brand’s online image. It will help you to understand how customers see your brand and what areas need improvement.

What Is Reputation Management in Healthcare?

In healthcare, reputation management manages and monitors online reviews/comments/feedback, letting your business thrive in the competitive market. It attracts more patients, boosts your ranking, and grows your business. 

How Can Digital Marketing Improve Reputation?

Implementing digital marketing strategies make your brand trustworthy and improve its overall reputation. It builds and maintains your online presence, engaging audiences and making your business successful. 

Why Is Digital Marketing Important in Healthcare?

Digital marketing helps you stay ahead of competition and promote your healthcare services at a low cost. It lets you educate, engage, and influence your target audience via digital channels such as; user-friendly apps, social media platforms, and a company’s site.

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Talha Khalid

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